Can your billing solution double as a marker for client retention, service integration, and successful automation? While billing solutions may have once operated as simple products used to keep track of invoicing, the world of billing has drastically expanded to include sophisticated tools that accelerate growth, drive ongoing relationships with consumers, and decrease churn. Learn what best-in-class companies are doing to ensure frictionless billing solutions are not only beneficial, but an absolutely necessary service.

The End of Point Billing Solutions

Speaker: Jon Leipzig, Zone Advanced Billing & Andrew Dailey, MGI Research

SaaS Pricing Strategies

Speaker: Meir Amzallag, PayPro Global

Taming the Churn Beast

Speakers: Steve Booth, Vindicia; Doug Caviness, cleverbridge & Igor Stenmark, MGI Research

Innovation in Monetization

Speakers: Youssef Yaghmour, BluLogix & Igor Stenmark, MGI Research

The Power of In-Solutions: A New Way to Monetize in NetSuite

Speaker: Brad Mortimore, Zone Advanced Billing & Andrew Dailey, MGI Research

Unified Communications and Managed Services Billing for Growth

Speakers: Patrick Elliott, & Andrew Dailey, MGI Research