Today’s buyers (both consumers and businesses) expect choice and transparency—choice of channel, payment method, and speed of payment and transparency on when their goods/services are delivered and where they are in the process. This means visibility for orders and payments across channels. Digital Payments are where the rubber meets the road in e-commerce. Lack of a robust payment infrastructure can create friction in the sales channels and cost an organization in lost opportunities.

The pace of change in key e-commerce markets such as retail is now exceeding the pace of innovation in the underlying technology. The collapse of the mall as the hub of retail and the rise of commerce as an experiential destination, retail-as-entertainment (RaE), a shift to retail pop-ups, new payment methods, subscription retail, direct-to-consumer custom premium brands, pricing and customer targeting via machine learning and AI, the intersections of online and offline commerce, and the rapid consumerization of B2B are just a sample of the highly dynamic trends that are shaping the business and technology priorities in e-commerce. To be successful in e-commerce—whether for B2C or B2B, organizations need to have a concrete investment budget for digital payment systems.

Our Digital Payments and Commerce research aims to lead the industry conversation through in-depth analysis and insights to help business, sales, finance, and IT executives make more effective and agile investment decisions, reduce risk, and optimize costs. We seek to identify best-in-class companies, best practices, important metrics, and benchmarks. MGI publishes reports such as MGI 360 Ratings and Forecasts  that help executives navigate the evolving digital payments and commerce technology landscape.

Key Issues

The Digital Payments and Commerce research provides business and finance executives with an unmatched combination of user insights, market data, vendor analysis, and confidential advisory services on commerce solutions and alternate payment methods. Armed with the MGI 360 Ratings and MGI Market Forecasts, we are the only firm to issue independent, quantitative ratings of commerce solution providers and sizing of the e-commerce market. Below are examples of key issues we address for our clients.

  • What are alternative payment methods, and what are commerce and payment best practices?
  • How can organizations leverage digital payments and commerce solutions for speed and cost containment?
  • How will B2B payments and commerce technology evolve?
  • How do commerce solutions compare in terms of cost, implementation times, and benefits delivered?
  • What commerce and payments skills and resources are necessary for success?
  • What are the risk factors in digital payments for large global enterprises?
  • What is the realistic size and total addressable market (TAM) for e-commerce solutions?
  • What are the critical and emerging requirements for a modern commerce solution?
  • What factors will drive adoption of alternate payment methods like digital payments and virtual cards?
  • How will suppliers meet the emerging requirements for digital payments and commerce?
  • Which companies are likely new market entrants or disruptors?
  • What are the key metric and valuation trends for successful commerce software suppliers?
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MGI Research coverage enables IT executives, users, and investors to make more informed, timely and critical go/no-go decisions on issues that directly affect valuations, market entry and exit, major investments, acquisitions, and divestitures. MGI’s core quantitative research helps technology vendors and investors to more accurately assess and benchmark company operating performance and strategy as well as identify paths for improvement in growth, gains in market share, and valuation multiples.

MGI’s research process is based not only on the experience and opinions of key analysts but also on in-depth and continuous information gathering, validation, peer review, and analysis as well as an extensive database of operating metrics. Being an independent research firm empowers MGI to voice unbiased opinions and make nonlinear predictions.

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Digital Payments and Commerce Vendors Under Coverage (Partial List)

With numerous new players entering the payments arena, banks are no longer the dominant outside partners in formulation and execution of a strategy for all issues related to payments. We now see a range of FinTech companies providing best of breed services—usually technology driven, at a lower cost, and with improved customer experience. The e-commerce players are attracted by the large potential of the B2B markets but lack the technical and business depth and, in some cases, willingness to invest to address this context. We expect more mergers and acquisitions in this area as numerous third-party tools evolve to take advantage of API capabilities provided by the marketplaces. The digital payments and commerce landscape is continuously evolving and a challenge to navigate when critical decisions that impact the future performance of the business need to be made.

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By accessing the power of MGI Research resources, clients get a comprehensive view of the market that includes enterprise best practices, quantitative research, and analysis of all the billing and business applications vendors as well as the collective experience of the MGI analyst team that brings decades of enterprise experience. Our research is updated continuously, and clients have unlimited, direct access to our analyst team.

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