Puzzle pieces in front of a map of the world displaying the connection between Merchant of Record and eCommerce



The 2020–2021 pandemic disruption has propelled e-Commerce back to the top of the priority list of strategic enterprise investments. Across a spectrum of company sizes and industries, organizations are actively reviewing their digital commerce strategies and capabilities. This focused a renewed spotlight on outsourcing services such as Merchant of Record (MoR) – an area that has been evolving rapidly into a modular Monetization-as-a-Service offering. This component-oriented approach to MoR has enabled an architectural convergence between MoR and mainstream e-commerce platforms. In this research note, we take a closer look at MoR strategies and the transformation that is taking place in this area.



  • How can companies create a strategic advantage through digital commerce?
  • How will outsourcing options fit into enterprise digital commerce strategies?
  • What are the appropriate use cases for Merchant of Record solutions?
  • Who are the winners and losers in digital commerce transformation?



  • 2Checkout
  • cleverbridge
  • Digital River
  • FastSpring
  • ModusLink
  • Nexway
  • Paddle
  • PayPro Global