Innovation and bold differentiation are vital survival skills in an industry defined by trends, turbulence, and rapid periods of change. This series shines a spotlight onto the forward-thinking entrepreneurs and academics who are shaking up the way financial and IT business is conducted. Watch as these visionaries share their approaches to pioneering and creative problem-solving in the fields of quantum computing, customer reference management, consumer insights, digital marketing, payments orchestration, how to address climate change, and more. 

Let Customers Tell Your Story

Speakers: Jason Grant, MGI Verified & Jennifer Holcombe, MGI Research

Talent Acquisition and Retention Post COVID-19

Speakers: Rogier Rouppe van der Voort, PCN & Matthijs, Koorn

Payments Orchestration: Industry Panel

Speakers: Adam Vissing, Ixopay; Lochan Sim, optile; Sunil Jhamb, WL Payments; Peter Mollins, Spreedly; Lennart Koopmans, Magnius & Matthijs Koorn, MGI Research

Fintech Success: Maximizing Digital Marketing

Speakers: Jason Goldberg, Envisionit & Andrew Dailey, MGI Research

Surfing to Commerce: Knowing Your Customer

Speaker: Matt McLean, Bread & Butter & Andrew Dailey, MGI Research

Transaction Alley: Fintech Resources to Land and Expand in the USA

Speakers: Grant Wainscott, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce; Kristina Morris, FinTech Atlanta & Jennifer Holcombe, MGI Research

How Quantum Computing Will Change the World of Business and Finance – Sooner Than You Think!

Speakers: Jack D. Hidary - Technology Entrepreneur and Author & Igor Stenmark, MGI Research

Your Path to Carbon Zero

Speakers: Michael Greenstone, University of Chicago & Jennifer Holcombe, MGI Research