Officially Licensed MGI Reprints

Officially Licensed MGI Reprint allow you to use objective MGI content in its original format to inform buyers and strengthen your relationships with decision makers. Available in both pdf and hosted formats, MGI Reprints can accelerate your marketing efforts with content that educates your target audience and drives more engagement with your company.

Become a Source of Insight and Action

Business is awash in generic marketing and product hype. Rise above the competition and deliver business-oriented content that speaks to your prospects, customers, and partners. Feed your content programs with insights that will lead to engagement.

In today’s competitive business environment, executives are looking for actionable insights and practical advice on how to improve their business. To stand out, content needs to be:

  • Credible, with fact-based data analysis
  • Objective and unbiased
  • Relevant to decision makers

Speak to an Executive Audience

Officially Licensed Reprints give us content that speaks to our buyers, giving them practical insights and action-oriented advice that adds value to their business. In return, it positions my company as thought leader and separates us from the competition.

- Chief Marketing Officer, Financial Applications Firm

Rise above the tech hype cycle and provide prospects and customers with content that drives engagement.

  • Reach key decision makers by providing business-oriented, objective, and independent research.
  • Inspire your prospects to lean in and solve critical business challenges.
  • Give your sales organization the confidence to engage with executive decision makers.

MGI Reprint Delivery - Reach Prospects Faster

Officially Licensed Reprints are available electronically and in printed format. Feed your marketing programs with value-added content that makes a difference. Reprints can be made available within two business days through web and PDF delivery.

HTML reprints are hosted on MGI servers and high-level traffic reporting is available. PDF reprints are easy to distribute and incorporate into a variety of sales and marketing contexts.