Automated revenue management (ARM) is a vital, if often overlooked, element of a robust, integrated monetization platform. When ASC 606 took effect in 2018, some businesses scrambled to meet minimum compliance benchmarks, while others seized the opportunity to pioneer a new approach to intelligent, interactive ARM tools. In this series, leaders from RightRev, Zscaler, and more share ideas and practical insights on what it takes to shift revenue recognition from a compliance necessity into a real-time tool that works in connection with quoting and enables in-quarter adjustments to drive margin and revenue timing outcomes.

A SaaS CFO’s Perspective on Revenue Recognition

Speakers: Brad Sawaya, BillingPlatform & Andrew Dailey, MGI Research

A Revenue Recognition Pioneer’s Next Act

Speakers: Jagan Reddy, RightRev & Andrew Dailey, MGI Research

Revenue Intelligence: A CAO’s Journey

Speakers: Jugnu Bhatia, Zscaler & Andrew Dailey, MGI Research

How Finance Helps Build a World-Class SaaS Business

Speakers: David Appel, Sage Intacct & Andrew Dailey, MGI Research

Giving CFOs Full Transparency Into Customer Contracts

Speakers: Heikki Hirvensalo, Good Sign Solutions; Paul Vemer, PossibilIT (Part of 4NG) & Andrew Dailey, MGI Research