Quote-to-cash (Q2C) has traditionally been thought of as a one-way street, beginning with pricing and ending with revenue. But recently, innovators in the Q2C space have begun to look at it as more of a nonlinear cycle, with each step reinforcing and interacting with the others to create a more intelligent, reactive, and cohesive solution. In addition to delivering insights on how to best implement and operationalize quote-to-cash to ensure project success, this series explores how automation and digitization allow us to re-imagine and re-engineer the Q2C process.

Essentials for Monetizing Usage Data

Speakers: Andreas Zartmann, DigitalRoute & Igor Stenmark

A Maturity Model for Quote to Cash

Speakers: Eric Carrasquilla, Conga & Andrew Dailey, MGI Research

Quote to Cash Systems Integration: Formula for Success

Speakers: Tim Fraser, Forsys & Igor Stenmark, MGI Research

Software Entitlements: From License Management to Monetization

Speakers: David DiMillo, Thales & Andrew Dailey, MGI Research

Ensuring Project Success: A View from the Trenches

Speakers: Brian Reid, RESPEC & Andrew Dailey

Practical Approaches to Digitalizing Your Business

Speakers: Howard Moore, Keste & Andrew Dailey

1+1 = 3: The Integration Edge

Speakers: Jan Arendtsz, Celigo & Igor Stenmark

Giving CFOs Full Transparency Into Customer Contracts

Speakers: Heikki Hirvensalo, Good Sign Solutions; Paul Vemer, PossibilIT (Part of 4NG) & Andrew Dailey