MGI Research works with the institutional investment community to identify emerging technology trends that can translate into practical investment ideas.

Investment managers from private equity, sovereign institutions, strategic investors, hedge funds, and venture capital firms rely on MGI analysts for original tech industry research and scenarios, Total Addressable Market (TAM) sizing and forecasting, market mapping, company due diligence, and proprietary valuation analysis as well as analytic tools like MGI-X and specialized indices like MGI Cloud 30 Index.

Key Issues for Institutional Investors

  • What are the macro drivers supporting or inhibiting growth in software spending?
  • What are the major disruption factors for the tech industry?
  • What are the emerging new market opportunities in software?
  • How will the regulatory landscape help or hurt major tech suppliers?
  • What are the likely consolidation scenarios in software?
  • What forces will drive or inhibit valuations of software companies?
  • What are the opportunities and survival scenarios for legacy software providers?
  • How can investors create differentiated investment approaches for tech?


MGI advice for investors is independent, forward-looking and prescriptive. Access to MGI Research Institutional Investor Services is available by subscription.

Institutional Investor Services

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