The MGI Use Case Note™ describes the ideal customer profile for a given solution. It helps prospective buyers understand a product’s “best fit” by identifying its customers:

  • size
  • business models
  • selling regions
  • tech ecosystems
  • sales channels
  • primary verticals
  • and more

The aim is to help interested parties quickly and confidently narrow the list of suppliers that could meet a particular use case.

It is not intended to describe the entire range of possible use cases, nor is it an in-depth analysis of the supplier or solution. (For in-depth analysis of a solution, see MGI 360 Ratings™.)


The following graphic provides a preview of a real MGI Use Case Note™. This infographic layout allows buyers to easily grasp the core qualities of a solution’s ICP, while providing opportunities to explore deeper insights in the analyst notes.



MGI clients have access to MGI Use Case Notes™ for their subscription area(s) or as part of their advisory service. Vendors under coverage receive a courtesy copy.

To learn more about MGI Use Case Notes™ and get help finding the ideal solution for your organization’s needs, follow the link below.

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