As part of the continuous research agenda, MGI analysts periodically conduct in-depth primary market surveys. The addition of direct market research adds currency to the research reports and analysis MGI publishes. Through online, in-person, and over-the-phone interviews, MGI and its clients can tap directly into current budget spending plans, business requirement needs, and finance and operations initiatives to better understand the situations and activities on the ground inside organizations. Primary market research can inform spending plans and provide a data baseline for strategic investments, and it is reference for users and vendors alike to recognize what distinguishes market leaders from the middle-of-the-pack competitors.

Clients can also contract with MGI for primary market research. Custom research studies are often done in areas adjacent or even outside of MGI’s standard coverage areas. Additionally, clients can tap into our expertise on a confidential basis when constructing their own primary research projects. It’s not uncommon for MGI’s specialists to serve as independent expert advisors to a client’s research effort, helping to guide design of the survey instrument and maximize the value of the results. An organization may be using a third-party media partner and relying on MGI to add rigor and practical industry knowledge to the mix to ensure the survey results are both relevant and applicable to the client’s desired outcome.

Some examples of primary market research include but are not limited to the following:

  • State of Monetization
  • State of Contract Management
  • Trends in Payments Orchestration
  • State of Subscription and Usage Billing
  • CFO Perspectives on Cloud Adoption
  • IT Spend: Efficiency and Effectiveness

Primary Market Research

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