OPINION: Chargify is one of a few SaaS billing management vendors that is profitable and majority-owned by management. Chargify is an option for small companies and start-ups launching subscription-based solutions. Software companies find it relatively easy to integrate with Chargify and benefit from their 24-7 support and simple pricing model with no transaction fees. Although Chargify lacks the resources to compete against larger, better funded competitors, we consider the company to be more stable than many of its peers due its conservative management and financial stability. Chargify is focused on the SMB segment of subscription billing. With a small team comprised of seasoned industry veterans, Chargify provides an easy to use, well supported solution for recurring billing. The product roadmap largely follows customer requests and, like its immediate competitors, is constrained by relatively limited development resources. Chargify’s business strategy is evolving, and it has yet to articulate a clear vision of which segments it wants to focus on in the future. Small and growing businesses should consider Chargify on the basis of its current capabilities. Users requiring heavy customization or integration resources need to look elsewhere.

COMPETITORS: CheddarGetter, Fusebill, Recurly, and a handful of low-end subscription billing solutions.

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