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A Conversation with Dan Brown, Chief Product & Strategy Officer at Certinia

Is Gen AI an existential threat to professional services or a once-in-a-generation revenue opportunity?

AI promises to accelerate processes, reduce human intervention, and make tasks quicker and easier. For industries like Professional Services that are human capital intensive, the implications and business threats associated with Gen AI adoption are significant – but not straightforward. Charting an intelligent course through the fog of hype and fear requires clear analysis and a long-term perspective.

Meanwhile, professional services continue to expand their share of global GDP. The introduction of AI technologies presents both opportunities and challenges that could reshape the industry: while AI introduces pressure to innovate, it also poses the risk of diverting attention from critical, non-AI-related improvements that can significantly enhance business operations.

In this webinar, industry veteran and innovator Dan Brown, Chief Strategy and Product Officer at Certinia, joins MGI analysts to discuss where Gen AI fits into Professional Services Automation – and where it doesn’t.

Key topics:

  • The potential impact of Gen AI on margins, revenues, and resources in professional services
  • Practical steps professional services businesses can take to prepare for Gen AI adoption
  • How Gen AI fits into the Services-as-a-Business (SaaB) business model
  • The role of Gen AI in project quoting, contracting, and delivery
  • Prerequisites for Gen AI adoption in Professional Services
  • Will Gen AI level the playing field for small and mid-size services firms – or eliminate them?
  • How LLMs and SLMs can leverage PS organizations’ existing data to deliver better outcomes for clients – and their own bottom line
  • A frank discussion about the pitfalls with current tools – and what PS organizations can do to mitigate their risk while exploring the upside possibilities of Gen AI
  • And more!
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