Summary: We increase the MGI 360 Rating of Aptitude Software in Automated Revenue Management (ARM) market from 44 to 47 and maintain a NEUTRAL Analyst Outlook. The company has significant expertise in the finance software area, particularly as it relates to revenue accounting and high-volume finance requirements and offers a portfolio of several focused finance tools. Since its acquisition by Aptitude, the RevStream product has not kept pace with the market in terms of product investment or growth. The transition to a multi-tenant cloud solution has proven challenging at a time when the requirements landscape is expanding. Recent new hires and renewed focus on RevStream have potential to reignite innovation and sales. The company has initiated relationships with numerous standalone billing companies and plans to deliver an integrated revenue and lease accounting solution.

Ideal Use Case: Growing midsize ($250M+) and large enterprises seeking a hosted (single-tenant) solution with adaptable, medium-to-high complexity revenue scheduling and automation functionality.

Primary Competitors: BillingPlatform, Oracle, SAP, Softrax, Zuora

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