OPINION: This initial rating takes into account the near-term impact from acquisition of Conga. Apttus is one a few CPQ suppliers able to cross the physical-digital product divide and handle CPQ for digital services, complex engineer-to-order solutions, and hybrid offerings. The CPQ product offers a broad range of configuration and price management capabilities including subscription, usage, and dynamic pricing as well as support for advanced visualization via partners such as CDS and ThreeKit. Apttus CPQ is unique in its ability to integrate tightly with Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM). It is built on and integrated with Salesforce and can also mesh into Microsoft Azure and connect with SAP Variant Configurator. Post-acquisition, Apttus/Conga will emerge with a stronger management team, the second largest direct sales channel focused on CPQ, and more opportunities for growth. In CPQ specifically, Apttus is still dealing with long-term customer challenges inherited by current management from the original Apttus leadership. The changes Apttus has implemented in the last 18 to 24 months prior to the Conga acquisition demonstrate that the company is now on a solid foundation for continued growth.

USE CASE: Companies with a variety of business models (physical, digital, hybrid) with revenues above $500 million with medium to high complexity in configuration and pricing.

COMPETITORS: FPX, Oracle, PROS Holdings, Salesforce.com, SAP SE, Tacton

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