Summary: We are initiating coverage of Ayara in the Automated Revenue Management (ARM) market with an initial MGI 360 Rating of 41 and NEUTRAL Analyst Outlook. A newcomer to the ARM market, Ayara is one of the most visionary players in the game. The overall MGI 360 score reflects both the size of the company and its early stage of development. The product is aimed at bridging sales and accounting, and its revenue forecasting engine can even run as a complement to older Rev Rec solutions. Ayara has strong capabilities in API-first context and allows users to inject revenue intelligence functions into many other monetization components such as CPQ. Ayara has achieved early penetration with a number of leading technology companies and has an OEM deal in place with a major enterprise software supplier.

Ideal Use Case: Progressive CFOs/CAOs of high-growth, mid-to-large enterprises looking for a revenue recognition and intelligence solution that integrates within Salesforce.

Primary Competitors: Oracle NetSuite, RightRev, SAP, Zone & Co., Zuora

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