Summary: In the Agile Billing market, we update the MGI 360 Rating of ChargeOver to 44 and maintain a NEUTRAL analyst outlook. ChargeOver is an under the radar solution that should not be overlooked. It is a capable full-function recurring billing solution for small businesses seeking a tool that can be easily white-labeled within their own website. Product capabilities include support for variety of recurring billing strategies and pricing plans, subscription and payment cycles, a wide range of payment gateways integrations, reporting and analytics, workflow automation, basic revenue recognition and tax management. ChargeOver handles multi-currency and multiple languages within a single account, and offers a basic, built-in customer portal where users can view past and upcoming invoices and payments. Integrations include standard links with Quickbooks, Xero, and more general interfaces with Zapier and Salesforce. All that is rolled up in a pricing plan that is not based on either revenue or payment processing value but instead focuses on number of customers. Support is based in North America and client feedback on their experience with ChargeOver is generally positive. ChargeOver is self-funded, growing modestly and profitable. ChargeOver key target market – agile billing for SME organizations, has grown almost meteorically in the last few years, with a number of competitors recording high double digit and even triple digit growth rates, yet, ChargeOver growth has been lagging behind. Scaling the business and building channels remain key challenges, as the company tries to balance its desire for independence vs the need for more visibility and growth. As demand for small and mid-market solutions has grown, so has the number of competitors. It is challenging for smaller providers like ChargeOver to market effectively and rise above the noise.

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Competitors: Chargebee, Cheddar, Maxio, Recurly, Stax Bill, Stripe, Zoho

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