Summary: We increase the MGI 360 Rating of Good Sign Solutions in Agile Billing to 51 and maintain a NEUTRAL Analyst Outlook. There has been an upward change in some of the underlying components. Product score improved from 10.72 to 11.26. Management inched up from 12.55 to 12.63. Strategy grew from 10.79 to 11.10. Finance and Channel scores remain unchanged. Good Sign stands out in its ability to handle complex digital and services-driven business models (e.g., leasing, enterprise IT firms with heavy services revenues) and it is one of the only suppliers with a strong relationship with Service Now. The company has a direct sales model in the Nordics and Netherlands. Management has built a durable business and has a customer and product-first approach to investment. Company references paint a consistently strong execution of complex billing scenarios with measurable ROI.

Ideal Use Case: Good Sign Solutions is best suited for a mid-to-large services European enterprise or a government organization with a wide variety of revenue models and contract complexity.

Primary Competitors: Aria Systems, BillingPlatform, BluLogix, Ericsson, Gotransverse, Oracle, RecVue, SAP, Zuora

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