OPINION: Since its 2016 acquisition by PE firm Scaleworks, Chargify has undergone a complete overhaul backed by aggressive hiring in R&D, sales, and support. Its Product score increased from 8.98 to 9.79. Its Management score is up from 11.71 to 11.75, and a new CEO is on board. Its Channels score increased from 7.96 to 8.45 reflecting higher sales productivity, but its Marketing score is down from 12.38 to 12.10–brand visibility needs to improve. Its Finance score rose from 9.30 to 9.80. Chargify is evolving from its original focus on small business toward a more full-featured and higher-priced solution aimed at mid-market buyers. Features include subscription management, invoice consolidation, light CPQ, and integration with payment, tax, and CRM products. The size of its sales channel is a limiting factor.

USE CASE: B2b and B2C subscription and “as a service” growth companies as well as SMEs with digital/light physical business models and medium levels of volume and complexity.

COMPETITORS: ChargeBee, ChargeOver, Fusebill, NetSuite-Oracle, Recurly, Zuora.

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