OPINION: Since the July 29, 2014 acquisition of MetraTech by Ericsson, ECB’s once competitive market position has continued to erode with loss of key staff, defection of customers, and a lack of investment and progress in modernizing both the product and its market strategy. Growth has slowed to a crawl, and the company rarely has a pole position in competitive evaluations at this point. The absence of a true cloud solution has been a contributing factor to ECB’s reduced growth and the lowering of its MGI 360 rating.

USE CASE: Existing customers with a working solution covering business models with little or no change.

COMPETITORS: Amdocs, Aria Systems, BillingPlatform, goTransverse, Oracle, SAP, Zuora

About MGI 360 Ratings: MGI 360 Ratings score is a uniform 0 to 100 supplier rating system comprised of 149 unique data points. The scores condense hundreds of hours of research into simple, easy to understand ratings and recommendations to clearly demonstrate differences amongst software vendors. The overall score is comprised of five equally weighted major categories that account for up to 20 points in Product, Management, Channels, Strategy, and Finance. Learn more about MGI 360 Ratings.