OPINION: We are upgrading the MGI 360 Rating of Transverse (d.b.a. “goTransverse”) from 39 to 45 and, for now, maintain a Neutral outlook. After recently receiving a fresh infusion of $25 million in capital from its German parent company, Transverse made immediate investment into additional experienced management talent. In the short term, this translated into modest but tangible improvement in execution across the board: the Product score rose from 42 to 47, the Management score rose from 47 to 60, the Strategy score rose from 35 to 44, and the Finance score rose from 40 to 44. With the expansion of the Agile Billing market, we expect Transverse to capture new billing and revenue management opportunities, especially with fast-growing, tech-oriented companies selling a complex mix of physical and digital products to a B2B audience. We expect the new team to tackle product packaging, onboarding and implementation, brand visibility, and channels. Finance departments seeking to add complex billing capability to their AR systems should evaluate Transverse.

Transverse provides a cloud-based billing platform for AR processing and subscriber management. The company’s senior management hails from traditional on-premise, high volume, complex telecom billing companies and is working to fill the gap between the high-end enterprise systems and the very basic management of subscribers. Transverse is focused on high-complexity billing management, competing against large-scale solutions such as Aria and Metratech. The company has a staff of 50 in Austin, TX and 20 employees in offshore development.

Competitors: Aria Systems, Metratech, Oracle, SAP, Zuora