OPINION: Magnaquest offers a middle-of-the-road utility and cable billing solution that is currently expanding both geographically and from a product point of view. Few, if any, other mainstream North America-based billing companies are present in the same geographies in emerging markets. Magnaquest is a particular fit for companies with operations over a wide geographic area who  are price-sensitive and looking for in-depth customization. The company has built a profitable, growing business that continues to expand organically as well as through acquisitions. Magnaquest is trying to make inroads in the US, but we expect that the company can make more progress in emerging markets. Subscribers have access to the detailed MGI 360 Rating.

Magnaquest is focused on mid-market companies internationally, particularly on Tier II cable operators in the US and Latin America. Originally offering an on-premise billing system, the company introduced a hosted cloud solution in 2006 followed by a multi-tenant SaaS offering in 2008. Magnaquest has about 150 billing customers; 90 of these are running their on-premise billing product, and the remaining 60 use one of their cloud solutions. Half of their entire customer base is in the Asia-Pacific region. Magnaquest also offers products for identity management and online marketing which are not rated here.

COMPETITORS: Azar, Cycle30, GLDS (Great Lakes Data Systems), IDI Billing Solutions, RevChain

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