In our research and advisory practice, the question of how to select an ideal-fit billing solution comes up perennially. The answer to this question is primarily a function of three variables:

  1. How agile is the billing system?
  2. How complex are the billing transactions?
  3. How large is the volume of invoices?

In this MarketLens™ Report, we map a select group of billing software products against a set of coordinates that combines Billing Agility (BA) and Billing Complexity (BC).

  • Billing Agility describes the flexibility to quickly configure and test new pricing mechanisms and introduce changes as dictated by market conditions. We define billing agility in terms of business, IT, and product agility.
  • Billing Complexity comprises the complexity of factors such as the product, pricing mechanisms, channel organization, payment platforms, regulatory compliance, cross-border capabilities, business rate of change, and more.

We further divide companies based on the market segment of their core focus:

  • HyperScale – solutions that deal with high complexity and very high volumes, especially in real-time billing contexts.
  • Enterprise – mainstream enterprise billing solutions that can handle a relatively high combination of complexity and volume in scenarios that require up to quick-time but not real-time processing.
  • MidMarket – solutions aimed at the needs of a larger number of midsize organizations with a variety of use cases and a strong balance of agility, out-of-the-box ERP and FP&A interfaces, and modest implementation complexity.
  • SmallBiz – billing solutions aimed specifically at the needs of small, often rapidly growing organizations that typically emphasize low initial investment, a pay-as-you-go pricing model to support scaling, rapid deployment, and maintenance agility without having to rely on expensive IT resources either internally or through systems integrators.

The 35 companies selected for this MarketLens are a cross-section of vendors covered in our Agile Monetization practice and not meant to be an exhaustive catalog of every possible billing solution on the market. These 35 companies are all MGI 360 Rated™ in the Agile Billing Top 50 buyer’s guide. Placement of companies represents typical use case sweet spot, not the absolute maximum performance – which is typically more of a range. We aimed for selecting what in our view would represent the best use case with the least amount of friction.

Get the report to find out where each of the following suppliers fall on the Agile Billing Agility vs. Complexity MarketLens:

Amdocs ChargeOver LogiSense Oracle NetSuite Stax Bill
Aptitude Software Cleeng Maxio Recurly Stripe
BillingPlatform CSG Monetize360 RecVue Vindicia
Binary Stream Evergent Nitrobox Workday
BluLogix Good Sign Solutions OneBill Sage Intacct Zoho
Certinia Gotransverse Opencell Salesforce Zone & Co.
Chargebee JustOn Oracle SAP Zuora

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