OPINION: ModusLink provides a full-service e-commerce processing and fulfillment solution via a Merchant of Record model with a particular focus on enterprises looking to enable cross-border commerce for both physical and digital goods. The solution brings together services such as payments, fraud detection, chargeback handling, entitlement management (Poetic), collections, customer service (call centers), and return shipping. The technology platform supports headless commerce operation with interfaces to ShopifyPlus and BigCommerce. The solution is often missed by companies looking for e-commerce platforms with fulfillment capability as ModusLink is still largely positioned (in our view, incorrectly) as a supply chain management business. While still operating largely under the radar, the company has been slowly upgrading its management team, including a new CEO, and seeking avenues for repositioning, increased visibility, and expansion of partnerships. An underdeveloped marketing capability and a limited distribution channel challenge its ability to accelerate growth.

USE CASE: B2B and B2C enterprise technology vendors looking for an API-first commerce solution to support cross-border sales (direct or marketplace) of physical and digital goods.

COMPETITORS: Arvato, Digital River, ScaleFast

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