OPINION: We expect Oracle to become more active in agile monetization and more aggressive in marketing towards enterprises undergoing digital transformation and large accounts involved in telematics and IoT. The on-premise, or hosted, BRM solution is likely to receive a UX facelift. At the recent (APR’17) MGI Research Monetization Summit, two Oracle customers presented case studies of successful BRM implementations. However, BRM growth remains minimal, and the time and cost to implement are challenging. Oracle is likely invest substantially into agile monetization platform capability both through internal development and acquisitions. The entry (via its acquisition of Steelbrick) and early success of Salesforce.com in this arena is in part forcing Oracle to act. Rating details, component scores, and benchmarking relative to the company’s peer group are available in the attached research note.

USE CASE: Complex, real-time, large enterprise monetization initiatives with a contained rate of change and focus in communications vertical. Although current BRM customers satisfied with their combination of price, functionality, and TTM are unlikely to migrate from BRM, enterprises needing an agile solution now are looking elsewhere.

COMPETITORS: Amdocs, Aria Systems, BillingPlatform, Ericsson, goTransverse, RedKnee, SAP Hybris Billing, Zuora

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