OPINION: As one of the largest providers of financials and ERP software for mid to very large enterprises, Oracle has been selling ARM functionality in various forms for over ten years. However, the current ARM capabilities as embodied by Oracle Revenue Management Cloud (“ORMC”) are modest at best. ORMC is part of the ERP Cloud and loosely integrates with the E-Business Suite (EBS) and Oracle Financials Cloud. Integration across the Oracle “clouds” or with outside systems is uneven and even basic integrations (e.g., ORMC to Order Management Cloud) are not a given. As a niche application within the Oracle universe, ORMC has not received attention, resources, or investment on par with its competitors or other parts of the Oracle portfolio. Smaller, more agile competitors are increasing their functionality and price/performance lead against ORMC. Oracle as a company is extremely profitable, has a vast global channel, and is one of the most recognizable international brands. Given Oracle’s current focus on profitability and fragmented approach to product management, ORMC’s near-term trajectory is unlikely to change.

USE CASE: Committed Oracle finance customers willing to engage professional services resources to create a highly tailored solution.

COMPETITORS: Aptitude, SAP, Softrax, Workday, Zuora

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