OPINION: The PROS CPQ solution is focused on medium to large businesses ($500 million+) with highly configurable products and complex business and pricing models. Their Smart CPQ Solution is used by approximately 25% to 30% of their customers (275+ out of 1000+). PROS Smart CPQ is one of a handful of CPQ solutions that is able to combine AI/ML-based price optimization with a product configuration engine that can handle complex products. We view PROS as very well positioned in its core target market of complex discrete manufacturing and logistics (among other industries). As a company, PROS often leads into new accounts with price optimization, a strong set of technical capabilities, a deep bench of AI/data science experts, rich data, and a loyal customer base. However, the product is complex to implement and has a below average ecosystem. Additionally, PROS is challenged in reaching sales channel efficiency as well as consistency in growth and profitability.

USE CASE: Medium to large firms seeking CPQ solutions to support complex pricing optimization and CPQ requirements, especially in discrete manufacturing, transportation/logistics, commodities, chemicals, and energy.

COMPETITORS: Apttus, Cincom, ExperLogix/E-Con Solutions, Oracle, PriceFX, SAP SE, Vendavo

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