OPINION: With 3,500+ clients (MGI estimate), Salesforce CPQ (S-CPQ) is the most widely used CPQ solution in the world. We estimate that the company adds between 300 to 400 new CPQ accounts per quarter, propelling the product to market share leader in seats, client companies, and revenue. We view the core functional capabilities of S-CPQ as best suited to organizations with low to moderate sales complexity and minimal or no configurable physical goods. The broad focus of S-CPQ can be a mismatch with use cases of more sophisticated customers. However, its depth and breadth of integration, partnership ecosystem reach, and widely available training raise the overall Product dimension rating. Salesforce has consistently increased the market appeal of CPQ as a discipline to a new and expanding audience, elevating CPQ into a standard budget item category for sales automation.
USE CASE: Digital services-oriented SME and larger organizations seeking to add structure and speed to quote generation and basic discipline to price management with light configuration complexity.
COMPETITORS: Apttus, KBMax, Oracle, SAP SE, servicePath, Tacton, Zuora, and numerous other CPQ solutions.

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