OPINION: SAP currently offers two ARM solutions: RevSym, a multi-tenant cloud solution and RAR, a single-tenant offering. This rating covers the RevSym product as it currently receives a reasonable share of SAP investment. The RevSym product has been in the market for about three years with a few owners; under the leadership of SAP, sales are increasing. RevSym benefits from a founding team with deep roots in revenue recognition and a cloud-first architecture. Its growth is above market average, albeit off of a very small installed base. It’s first wave of mainstream go-lives took place this year, and RevSym is gradually moving towards and expanding into its promising early vision. Although it is owned by SAP, prospects should evaluate the product on a completely stand-alone basis and recognize that, over time, the technology base will edge toward SAP’s road to HANA and SAP’s Intelligent Enterprise. In the future, SAP will need to address the convergence of RevSym and RAR, which supports HANA and continues to get investment and customers.

USE CASE: Mid-market enterprises seeking public, cloud-based, stand-alone revenue scheduling and automation functionality.

COMPETITORS: Aptitude, Oracle-NetSuite, Softrax, Workday, Zuora

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