OPINION: Vindicia is distinguished by its ability to handle digital currencies; its scalability; and its strength in gaming, digital media, and entertainment industries. Vindicia Select is a payment management component that allows customers to reduce payment card failure rate—a feature that provides a rapid and tangible ROI. This single feature will, in our view, open doors for many B2C accounts struggling with a high rate of credit card issues, especially given the impending regulatory change that shifts liabilities to merchants. We believe Vindicia could benefit from a renewal of its long-term strategy and the addition of fresh talent to its management team. Companies looking for a SaaS solution addressing a complete monetization lifecycle in a B2C context with PCI outsourcing should evaluate Vindicia. Subscribers can access the detailed MGI 360 ratings document.

Vindicia CashBox provides marketing and selling automation management capabilities including billing management. The company targets customers in online media, gaming, sports, online dating, and other industries with a set of capabilities encompassing customer acquisition, CRM, customer billing, retention, and analytics. The company was founded in 2003, and in 2012, Vindicia closed a Series E round of financing totaling $20 million. The company has offices in Belmont, CA and London, UK.

USE CASE: Vindicia offers a billing management solution that appeals to B2C organizations looking for an integrated solution encompassing customer acquisition, CRM, billing, and payment management.

COMPETITORS: Aria Systems, Digital River, Oracle, Recurly, Zuora

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