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A Conversation with Grant Peterson, CPO of Conga

Generative AI has the power to redefine the very fabric of CLM, reshaping traditional approaches and paving the way for new, innovative strategies – but will it deliver?

In this session, Conga CPO (and former DocuSign CTO) Grant Peterson joins MGI analysts to explore the transformative potential of AI within the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) landscape. Key topics include:

  • What is the litmus test for determining genuine AI advancements in CLM?
  • What questions should every general counsel ask of their CLM vendors?
  • Should ChatGPT be subject to approval from regulatory bodies like the American Bar Association?
  • What are the penalties of abstaining from the Generative AI hype cycle?
  • Is Gen AI the greatest theft of intellectual property in history?
  • Where is the budget for AI add-ons going to come from?
  • If every CLM solution offers an AI add-on, is Gen AI differentiated?
  • And more!


In addition, this conversation provides insights into how Conga is organizing itself to harness the power of Gen AI, as well as a firsthand account of the most significant positive and negative surprises that have emerged so far.

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