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Find out which suppliers lead the CLM market.

This webinar explores leading Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) vendors, how direct competitors differ in terms of their product functionality and ideal use cases, and other key takeaways from the CLM Top 35 Buyer’s Guide.

This comprehensive guide to the CLM market includes brand-new MGI 360 Ratings™ of 21 leading CLM suppliers, as well as 14 noteworthy honorable mention vendors. 360 Ratings assign a quantitative rating score based on five equally weighted pillars: Product, Management, Channels, Strategy, and Finance.

• 3 out of 21 360 Rated™ suppliers received a Positive analyst outlook – who are they?
• Learn about CLM growth drivers, functional and technical requirements, and key trends that are shaping the contract lifecycle management market as it evolves from simple document management to an intelligent, real-time system of record.
• The Buyer’s Guide also includes new MGI MarketLens™ charts that plot the CLM market by variables like product strength, go-to-market strength, vendor agility, contract volumes, and ability to handle contract complexity.

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