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Data is a major source of friction in the Quote to Cash process. Dirty data, non-standard data, data feeds that are too slow, data that requires manual input and export—these are all potential barriers to monetization success. As data volumes grow geometrically, what used to be a concern faced mostly by the telecom industry has now emerged as a mainstream challenge for companies across many sectors such as computer services, software, transportation, retail, travel, logistics, and energy (among others).

Key Issues addressed:

  • What is Mediation 2.0, and why should every large and medium company care?
  • How do data quality and data speed issues translate into business costs?
  • How are progressive companies leveraging Mediation 2.0 concepts to improve customer experience, gain pricing flexibility, and plug revenue leakage?
  • What is the business case for Mediation 2.0, and what is a practical way to get started?
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