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The market for rev rec tools is evolving rapidly.

Automated revenue recognition tooling promises to shorten financial close, cut audit time and expense, and increase overall confidence in the numbers. But how far can it really automate?

What are the best approaches to shaving days off the close and reducing the need for manually dealing with every contract modification?

In this webinar, MGI Research explores how leading finance teams are addressing the challenges of new revenue models, gaining valuable time, and transforming business outcomes. In addition, learn which rev rec providers are innovating, and which ones are falling behind.

In this webinar, MGI analysts discuss:

  • What is driving increased demand for rev rec tooling?
  • What are the best practices for automating revenue accounting and achieving implementation project success?
  • How is the market for revenue recognition evolving?
  • Is 100% automation a realistic goal? Can Gen AI get us there?
  • Upcoming MGI 360 Ratings in Revenue Recognition
  • And more!
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