While building a successful business involves incorporating intelligent strategies and practices from the ground up, there is little more pivotal to a company’s success or failure than its CEO. In this series, CEOs from companies like BillingPlatform, Spryker, and Chargify offer practical wisdom, make provocative prognostications, and discuss the journeys their companies have taken on the path to success.

Driving Product-Led Growth in B2B SaaS

Speaker: Paul Lynch, Chargify & Andrew Dailey, MGI Research

Beyond Billing: The Relationship Economy

Speakers: Dennis Wall, BillingPlatform & Andrew Dailey, MGI Research

Systems Integration M&A Goldrush: The Argano Approach

Speakers: Chip Register, Argano & Igor Stenmark, MGI Research

A 360 View on the Evolution of Commerce

Speakers: Adam Coyle, Digital River & Matthijs Koorn, MGI Research

Essentials for Monetizing Usage Data

Speakers: Andreas Zartmann, DigitalRoute & Igor Stenmark, MGI Research

1+1 = 3: The Integration Edge

Speakers: Jan Arendtsz, Celigo & Igor Stenmark, MGI Research

The Usage Economy: Company Case Study

Speakers: Adam Howatson, LogiSense & Andrew Dailey, MGI Research

A Post-Pandemic View of Commerce

Speakers: Craig Vodnik, cleverbridge & Matthijs Koorn, MGI Research

Innovation in Monetization

Speakers: Youssef Yaghmour, BluLogix & Igor, Stenmark, MGI Research

Practical Approaches to Digitalizing Your Business

Speakers: Howard Moore, Keste & Andrew Dailey, MGI Research

The Death of E-commerce: Defining the Future of Commerce

Speaker: Alexander Graf, Spryker & Igor Stenmark, MGI Research