In search of the perfect billing solution? In need of quote-to-cash benchmarks? Wondering about the total market size for your company’s new revenue recognition product? Curious how leading companies architect their Q2C operations to eliminate friction while delivering at scale? Looking to optimize payments, save money, and improve the customer experience? Explore our webinar series, where MGI analysts lay out thought-provoking ideas and comprehensive, on-demand research to keep executives up to date.


May 19, 20228am PST/ 11am EST/ 5pm CET

Redefining Services Quote-to-Cash – Interview with Dan Brown, Chief Product & Strategy Officer of FinancialForce

How does the rise of subscription, usage, and hybrid business models affect the way we view the Q2C pipeline? And how does Q2C for business services differ from the traditional Q2C process? Join MGI Research as we discuss the future of Quote-to-Cash.


June 23, 20228am PST/ 11am EST/ 5pm CET

Major Trends in Agile Billing

How will the Agile Billing landscape change over the next five years and – more importantly – why will it change? In this webinar, MGI Research will dissect the major industry trends driving demand for Agile Billing solutions – including agility, digital transformation, high-complexity business models, and more.