OPINION: The product offers a lot of functional depth with capabilities for real-time billing, session control for pre-paid usage scenarios, hierarchy management, invoice customization, and global 24/7 support. Optima is offered in on-premise and hosted (Amdocs or AWS) flavors. The Optima division is primarily focused on Tier II/III telecom opportunities in emerging markets and periodically trying to compete for new digital business opportunities. The company’s lack of a viable strategy outside of the core Amdocs telecom markets remains a challenge. This is evidenced by the scarcity of non-telecom customer references. Slow growth continues to hold back the Finance score while the Channel score benefits from the company’s scale and geographic presence. Since the last update, the MGI 360 score for Optima remains the same, but leader’s scores are rising.

USE CASE: Mid to high volume billing with real-time or quick-time requirements, medium to high complexity, and low to medium agility and rate of change.

COMPETITORS: Aria Systems, BillingPlatform, Ericsson, goTransverse, Huawei, LogiSense, NetCracker, Optiva, Oracle, SAP, Zuora

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