Summary: We update the MGI 360 Rating of BluLogix to 54 and maintain a NEUTRAL analyst outlook. BluLogix is a mature provider of sophisticated monetization platform technology serving mid-to-large organizations with moderate-to-high revenue contract complexity business models. The breadth and depth of monetization capabilities and functional coverage distinguish the offering relative to peers. Its ability to support n-tier distribution channels, marketplaces, and provide “billing on behalf of” provide an additional boost of functionality. The recently launched BluIQ Cloud Development Toolkit (CDT), addresses the needs of customers who have very complex monetization requirements and will potentially create opportunities for larger organizations to dramatically lower Total Cost of Ownership for quote-to-cash initiatives. The overall billing solution has capacity to process high volumes (2-3 billion transaction events monthly) with proof points amongst some of its largest customers. While originally BluLogix was largely focused on the UCaaS (Universal Communications as a Service) opportunity, its focus has broadened significantly to variety of use cases including IoT, IT chargeback architectures, and multi-tier channel businesses among others. For BluLogix, the key levers of future growth lie in sales and marketing – an area where the company has been increasing investment even during the recent period of economic uncertainty. BluLogix also stayed away from layoffs during the same period, managing to maintain stability in its R&D organization. The company has been making progress in making its product packaging architecture more explicitly modular and the recent introduction of CDT helps to catalyze this strategy.

Ideal Use Case: BluLogix’s ideal user is a mid-to-large size, B2B (or B2C and B2B2C), XaaS business seeking a cloud-based tool spanning quoting to services activation (provisioning) and a wide range of business model charging modalities (one-time, subscription, usage and consumption, and any combination thereof). The technology can support monetization of digital, physical and hybrid business models.

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Competitors: BillingPlatform, Gotransverse, IDI Billing, LogiSense, OneBill, Oracle,, SAP, Zuora

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