Summary: In the Agile Billing market Cleeng achieves an MGI 360 Rating of 48 with a Neutral outlook. Cleeng offers a billing management solution specifically designed for the media and entertainment space with a particular focus on professional sports. The company positions itself as a Subscriber Retention solution with core subscription management and billing capability and components for catalog management, identity management, churn reduction, payment processing and optimization, as well as elements of a Merchant of Record (MoR) platform. Based in the Netherlands, Cleeng sells via a direct sales force across a diverse set of geographies. Cleeng competes against billing solution providers with a focus on OTT (Over the Top) broadcasting monetization. These include Evergent, Aptitude Software, Vindicia, and Recurly. The management team at Cleeng has a good sense of the opportunity and the company marketing strategy has generated considerable visibility for the brand. Cleeng has some high-profile marquee customers. Feedback and reviews of its customer service are mixed as the company takes responsibility for managing credit card processing and refunds. Cleeng could benefit from further investment into its customer service capability overall, and specifically its CS for payment processing customer support within the MoR offering.

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Competitors: Amdocs, Aptitude, CSG, Evergent, Recurly, Vindicia, Zuora

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