OPINION: We see Fusebill as filling the functionality gap between products like Recurly and Chargify on the one hand and Zuora on the other—but at a much more attractive price. Its latest product additions include a Salesforce.com interface, a robust analytics package, and a mobile payment app. The founding team has successful track record in adjacent application spaces. We see Fusebill as a good fit for small to mid-sized businesses that need a sophisticated subscription management capability. Fusebill’s pricing model is attractive to customers, reference checks of product performance and support have been very solid, and the company provides its own resources for product implementations. Fusebill is still a young business and likely to be tested through rapid growth and new product introduction over the next 12 to 18 months.

Fusebill provides a cloud-based billing platform with a focus on sophisticated subscription billing in the mid-market arena. The company focuses on mid-sized businesses in technology, media, and telecom that need billing management capabilities more complex than those provided by companies like Recurly and Chargify but easier to implement and more competitively priced than the higher-end solutions from Aria, Zuora, et al.

COMPETITORS: Accumulus, Chargify, Recurly. Fusebill’s peer group includes 13 companies with MGI 360 Ratings in the cloud-based billing management space.

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