Summary: We update the MGI 360 Rating of Gotransverse in Agile Billing to 57 and maintain a POSITIVE analyst outlook. Gotransverse agile billing product handles complex customer requirements for rating, metering, and invoicing of large volumes of billing transactions. Gotransverse solution can operate across a broad range of pricing modalities such as tiered subscriptions and usage-based pricing, support quick-time data management needs,  and handle contract-specific pricing. Gotransverse is capable of abstracting a complex mix of physical/digital products and services over a wide range of industries and geographies. The company has seen an uptick in pre-paid usage billing and a number of wins in this area – some in partnership with mediation specialist Digital Route. Gotransverse roadmap includes improvements to implementation, operational efficiency, UX, and customer success, as well as incorporating features such as AI and large language models in future product releases. Gotransverse is privately held and profitable. During 2021-2022 time frame the company dealt with a number of business and technological headwinds including turbulence in its management ranks, inconsistent sales and marketing performance and questions around product strategy. We see the bulk of these issues now in the rear-view mirror as the company revitalized its senior management team and is once again moving in the right direction.

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Competitors: BillingPlatform, BluLogix, Good Sign, Oracle, RecVue, Salesforce, SAP, Zuora

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