In our research and advisory practice, the question of how to select an ideal-fit billing solution comes up perennially. The answer to this question is primarily a function of two variables:

  1. How complex are the billing transactions?
  2. How agile is the billing system?

In this MarketLens™ Report, we map a select group of billing software products against a set of coordinates that combines Billing Complexity (BC) and Billing Agility (BA).

The companies selected for this MarketLens are a cross-section of vendors covered in our Agile Monetization practice and not meant to be an exhaustive catalog of every possible billing solution on the market. Placement of companies represents typical use case sweet spot, not the absolute maximum performance – which is typically more of a range. We aimed for selecting what in our view would represent the best use case with the least amount of friction.


Get the report to find out where each of the following suppliers fall on the Billing Complexity vs. Agility MarketLens.

Companies Mentioned In This MarketLens:

Amdocs Optima FinancialForce
Aptitude Software FuseBill Recurly
BillingPlatform GoodSign RecVue
Binary Stream Gotransverse
BluLogix JustOn Sage Intacct
Cerillion Skyline LogiSense Salesforce
Chargebee Netcracker SAP
ChargeOver NitroBox Vindicia
Chargify OneBill Workday
Cheddar OpenCell Zone & Co.
Cleeng Oracle Zuora
CSG Oracle NetSuite
Evergent Ordway

Get the report to find out where each supplier falls on the Billing Volume vs. Complexity MarketLens.

About MGI MarketLens™ Reports: An MGI MarketLens Report dissects a given universe of suppliers and plots how a select group of suppliers compare using a pair of key coordinates. It sheds light on the variations among solutions in a given market, and helps prospective buyers, investors, and partners see where products align relative to core requirements.