OPINION: Our prior rating of agile subscription billing management provider Recurly was undertaken in the aftermath of a serious service disruption. Since that time, Recurly has invested significantly into product capability as well as cloud availability with several layers of backup. The company is carving out a market space serving customers that seek a simple, medium to high-volume subscription management tool that is easy to integrate and offers PCI compliance. It does not currently address any of the other core areas of the Agile Monetization Platform (e.g., revenue recognition, e-commerce, et al.) but does offer an integrated credit card management capability that helps arrest revenue leakage stemming from fraud and/or expiration of card credentials. For organizations seeking a straightforward, mostly credit card-driven subscription monetization solution to embed within their B2C or B2B applications, Recurly is an option. For teams with technical experience, Recurly offers the promise of agility in development and relatively rapid time-to-market.

Recurly has received around $20 million in venture funding and, with over 100 employees (MGI estimate, up from 15 during the last rating), sells via online and direct channels. The company has progressed in strengthening its delivery capability to its now over 2,000 customers. It is best suited for high-volume B2C and B2B credit card businesses with a limited amount of pricing and billing complexity. The company expertise with credit card handling/payment integration, growth, and size set it apart from many of its direct competitors.

COMPETITORS: Chargify, CheddarGetter, Fusebill, Vindicia, Zuora

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