Summary: We initiate the MGI 360 Rating of Stripe in the Agile Billing market at 53 and a NEUTRAL outlook. Stripe Subscription Billing builds atop Stripe’s core payment processing platform to support a developer-centric approach to billing in a simple to understand, quick to adopt package. Stripe Billing helps product teams launching new businesses – whether standalone or as part of larger organizations to rapidly deploy basic billing and payments processing. Premium versions of the product add revenue recognition, churn management, and tax and financial reporting capabilities. The product’s simplicity is both its edge and a challenge. Stripe provides a rapid time to market for very early-stage initiatives. However, growth companies quickly outpace its capabilities, and move on to more sophisticated solutions. Companies that do not grow often churn out. Stripe Billing appeals to many early-stage users of subscription billing but tends to fall short with even a modest rise in complexity. Nonetheless, there are several very large companies using Stripe for very basic billing scenarios.

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Competitors: Chargebee, Maxio, Recurly, Stax Bill, Zoho, Zuora

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