OPINION: The Tacton CPQ solution is aimed squarely at complex manufacturing and can support omnichannel commerce across a spectrum of engineer/assemble-to-order use cases, often with sophisticated quote visualization requirements (2D, 3D, Augmented, and/or Virtual Reality). Tacton offers a near out-of-the-box integration with CRM solutions from Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics and with SAP ECC and SAP VC for ERP. Beyond that, the product features an extensive API capability for white label, headless operation. Tacton has one of the strongest teams of product configuration experts in the industry. Tacton’s price editor and proposal generator stand out with better than average capabilities. The CPQ product further excels with capacity for Industry 4.0/Smart Manufacturing, CAD/CAM integration, and Analytics, as well as some limited e-commerce capabilities. Tacton’s partner network is quantitatively modest but qualitatively competent.

USE CASE: Complex manufacturing organizations managing omnichannel challenges for engineer-to-order products primarily in Europe and North America.

COMPETITORS: Apttus, ConfigureONE, ExperLogix, FPX, KBMax, Oracle

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