BluLogix is a monetization solutions provider serving mid-to-large organizations with modest to complex business models/billing modalities. The breadth and depth of monetization capabilities and functional coverage distinguish the offering relative to peers. Its ability to support n-tier distribution channels, marketplaces, and provide “billing on behalf of” distinguish the solution. It is ideal for medium-to-large organizations and business units (e.g., $50-$10 billion+ in revenues) seeking a cloud-based tool spanning quoting to services activation (provisioning) and a wide range of business model charging modalities (one-time, subscription, usage and consumption, and any combination thereof).

The Use Case Note describes the ideal customer profile for a given solution. It helps prospective buyers understand the “best fit” for a product or service. The aim is to help interested parties quickly and confidently narrow the list of suppliers that could meet a particular use case. It is not intended to describe the entire range of possible use cases, nor is it an in-depth analysis of the supplier or solution.

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