An Agile Monetization Platform (AMP) is a reference architecture encompassing the key capabilities and processes necessary for an organization to successfully execute its monetization strategy.

Monetization refers to the entire customer economic experience with an organization – and is not just related to pricing, billing, e-commerce, or payments. The purview of monetization encompasses questions like:

  • How easy is it for customers to understand pricing and terms and conditions?
  • How does one transact, upgrade, downgrade, or cancel a subscription service?
  • How does one request and receive refunds?
  • How profitable is a given product?

The AMP reference model emphasizes peer-to-peer collaboration between key monetization modules where each component is responsible for its own set of functions and data, but also broadly shares events, inputs, and outputs to maximize performance. It is comparable to a living organism with a nervous system, bloodstream, and key organs that perform individual functions while remaining highly communicative and dependent on each other.

This research note provides an update to the AMP framework and refines the definitions of roles that the key AMP modules play in an overall monetization strategy.