OPINION: JustOn offers a Salesforce-native billing automation product with a great deal of functionality packed into a tool that can be rapidly implemented. Its sales channels and strategy are still evolving, but JustOn has already developed a loyal following among customers in media, digital services, real estate, and other sectors. Its Product score rose from 10.14 to 10.95, and its Management score increased from 9.98 to 10.26. JustOn’s Channel score is up from 5.32 to 7.93 reflecting greater use of online sales, increased deal flow from partnerships, and higher efficacy of the in-house sales effort. Its Marketing score is up from 10.24 to 10.45 as brand visibility improves. Its Finance score remains unchanged at 13.17.

USE CASE: EU companies with limited or no IT resources; revenues less than $100 million; medium complexity in mixed subscription, usage, and tiered billing needs; 5 thousand to 20 thousand invoices per month; and requirements of seamless integration into accounting and sales systems. Implementation cycles are measured from days to weeks.

COMPETITORS: BillWerk, Chargeover, Chargify, Fusebill, SFDC, Zuora (in larger clients)

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