Summary: Updating the MGI 360 Rating of JustOn in the Agile Billing market with a score of 48 and maintain a NEUTRAL outlook. JustOn offers a Salesforce-native billing automation product with a lot of functionality packed into a tool that can be rapidly implemented. Sales channels and strategy (marketing) are still evolving at this self-funded, growing and profitable software company based in Jena, Germany. JustOn has a loyal following among customers in media, digital services, real estate, and other sectors. The company has maintained a strong pace of customer acquisition even as Salesforce sells its own billing solution into essentially the same market. The keys to JustOn success lie in continued product investment, expansion of its core capabilities into revenue recognition and other complementary solutions, in high agility of implementation, use and maintenance. Product score rises to 11.15, and Management score increases to 10.90. Channel score of 6.49 reflects the still nascent sales organization. Strategy/marketing score marks the largest improvement from 10.45 to 13.81 as brand visibility improves. Finance score is 8.00 due in large part to a slower growth rate, compounded by the recent hiccups in Salesforce’s overall business, especially in DACH countries. The company has multiple repeat customers – users who have implemented it in two or more companies, and it is referred to as “a better Salesforce billing than Salesforce billing” – particularly for small and midsize projects that cannot afford to expend a lot of time or money to realize value. Committed Salesforce CRM customers seeking a capable billing solution in an SME context should shortlist JustOn.

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Competitors: Billwerk, ChargeOver, Maxio, SFDC, Stax Bill, Zuora

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