Summary: We raise the Oracle NetSuite MGI 360 Rating in Automated Revenue Management (ARM) to 61 and establish a NEUTRAL Analyst Outlook. Oracle NetSuite’s once ambitious vision – to deliver ARM and billing as a unified set of broader finance automation capabilities, has narrowed as NetSuite shifted investment priorities elsewhere, aiming toward smaller, less complex companies. As business and finance complexity increase, Oracle NetSuite ARM’s fit diminishes. NetSuite’s ARM solution, once a clear leader in this space, still retains an above-average product capability but has given up some of its lead as competitors deliver rapidly increasing innovation. NetSuite ARM could benefit from a revised and refreshed vision and more focused management execution translated into both product development and marketing initiatives. The NEUTRAL Analyst Outlook reflects our sense that this area within NetSuite has been lately operating on autopilot while the rest of the market has raced ahead.

Ideal Use Case: Midmarket (under $100 million revenues) software companies with modest complexity, low volumes content with a single application supplier. Oracle NetSuite prospects that easily fit within current functionality should consider NetSuite ARM, but also be conscious that aggressive discounting may be counterbalanced by less-than-aggressive R&D innovation.

Primary Competitors: Ayara, Chargebee, Chargify-SaaSOptics, RightRev, Zone & Co.

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