Summary: In the Agile Billing market we update Maxio to an MGI 360 Rating of 51 and maintain a NEUTRAL analyst outlook. With the merger of Chargify’s billing engine and SaasOptics’ ARM (Automated Revenue Management) capability, Maxio has created a platform that aims to bring the level of financial hygiene typical in large organizations to small emerging growth companies, primarily those with B2B SaaS and other types of recurring B2B revenue models. Maxio ties together billing, reporting, collections, revenue recognition to help early-stage businesses put their financial house in order and effectively support regular reporting cycles, audit, fundraising, and M&A, among other finance-led events. With over 2400 customers and a headcount of 240, Maxio is targeting near-term EBITDA profitability while maintaining double digit growth. Maxio Billing offers some features typically found in more sophisticated products, such as event-based billing. Since the merger, Maxio has added payment processing functionality – with more product innovations to come. The company management has expanded and its sales organization is becoming more sophisticated. We expect Maxio to continue broadening their product line across AMP. Future success is contingent on continued investments in sales and marketing.

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Competitors: Chargebee, ChargeOver, Oracle NetSuite, Recurly, Salesforce, Stax Bill, Stripe, Zuora

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